New and Improved – Our Most Popular Whitepaper Ever

Need to get revenue up 7% and improve customer satisfaction by 12% at the same time? Sound like an impossible challenge? We’ve got you covered.

Our most popular whitepaper ever has been redone. It’s updated and ready to help you meet your 2020 licensing challenges. How to Get Licensing Right the First Time includes practical steps to help you map out your licensing vision and strategy, assemble an all-star licensing team, and maximize the success of your licensing project.

This free whitepaper is the guide you’ve been waiting for to help you make money, reduce costs, and make your customers happier.

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RMS Envelope 1.1 Delivers New Features to Better Protect Your Intellectual Property

Our latest RMS Envelope release will further prevent the reverse engineering that’s rampant in today’s software development market. Many new applications are written using .NET, a language which is particularly susceptible to reverse engineering.

Without protection such as that of RMS Envelope, use of .NET could allow hackers or malicious users the ability to gain access to trade secrets or even worse, modify the vendor’s original application. By proactively implementing RMS Envelope, software vendors can harden their RMS licensing, making it much more difficult to remove or alter.

RMS Envelope is fast and easy to implement, and will ensure that the deployment and distribution of software applications is coming from the verified and intended source.


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Case Studies
Dürkopp Adler AG and Eocortex Generate Revenue and Improve User Experience with Sentinel

We recently published two new case studies, detailing how two very different Sentinel customers, were able to increase their revenue and reduce their operational complexity. These companies, Durkopp Adler AG and Eocortex, are different types of companies, but what they have in common is what they were able to accomplish with Sentinel.

Click here to read about how Dürkopp Adler AG created new revenue streams by integrating software licensing into their existing hardware solutions.

Click here to download the Eocortex case study, and learn how Eocortex partnered with Sentinel to significantly reduce costs and improve their user experience.


Upcoming Webinar
Maximize Your Software Revenue

Register now for our upcoming webinar on February 19th, featuring Michelle Robidoux, Consulting Principal BSA, Extreme Networks. Michelle will be sharing several strategies from her experience using software to maximize revenue and provide long term sustainability. Her topics will include cross-functional business processes, software licensing and operations, product enablement, and more.

Click here for more info, and to register for the free webinar!

Interested in finding out how to successfully navigate a digital business transformation, improve your customer experience, or grow your bottom line through subscription models? Head over to our blog to learn more, and to read up on all of our latest Sentinel Insights.


Analyst Report
Worldwide Digital Business Models and Monetization 2020 Predictions

What percentage of software revenue will be generated from subscription models in the next few years?

How many of your competitors will use anonymized data collections to gain crucial insights?

And how many companies are planning on offering feature-level consumption pricing models?

Find out the answer to these questions and more, including expert insights, predictions, and trends, by downloading IDC’s latest report here




LEAP: read previous editions

LEAP is your essential guide to software licensing, entitlement, and protection. Available in quarterly installments, it brings you all the industry news and expert opinion you need to make well-informed business decisions.

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