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  1. How many software companies will deploy feature-level consumption pricing by 2025?
  2. What percentage of software revenue will come from subscription and consumption business models by 2021?
  3. What types of insights will companies derive from new product usage analytics tools?
  4. How can you stay ahead of your competition by making sure to react properly to changing market conditions?

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“By 2021, over 50% of software revenue will come from the subscription/consumption business model, which includes on-premise software sold as subscription and hardware/software as a service.”

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Rudolf Hotter


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SafeNet authentication solutions offered several key advantages, including easy-to-use mobile authenticators that have been deployed to employees' iPhones and Android phones, and the ability to support our future security needs by being able to implement additional security applications in the future.

— Rudolf Hotter, COO, CANCOM AG

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